Reception Robot For Business

Reported by the International Federation of Robotics in Frankfurt on May 14, 2020, businesses around the world are increasing their use of industrial robots. In the five-year period from 2013 to 2018, the number of robots in service worldwide increased by about 65% to 2.4 million units.According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the same period,(The application of robots)It has a positive impact on the job market.

Companies around the world are reassessing their global supply chain business models, lessons Learned from the Coronavirus Pandemic, this is likely to speed up the use of robots.

Suzhou Pangolin Robot Corp.,Ltd, is one of the top services robot manufacturer.

Take the challenge of innovation in your business by implementing Pangolin humanoid robots to enrich customer experience and transform the interface

you use to interact with them.

Reception Robot in different business

Pangolin reception series robot has been in Hotels,Restaurant.Cafe,bar,Real estate, Technology hall,Malls, Airports, Bank,Cinema, Receptionist, Museums, fairs and they are exported overseas in Europe, America and Asia. Make your events unique. Attract visitors to your area and offer a special interaction.

Their functions

Welcome reception

In companies, exhibition halls and other places, robots can be competent for the work of welcoming and receiving guests. If there are guests visiting, they can detect and greet them enthusiastically. They also have facial recognition technology that can remember all the employees in the office.

Business consulting

You can imagine the government affairs hall when the front desk business is busy, Alice is available for quick registration , and introduce your their business services.

Help you solve problems correctly and quickly

Lead the way

Robots provide customers with a unique experience. The robot welcomes them, supports them while they shop, and responds differently based on their needs.

When you enter a supermarket and want to quickly find the product you want, the staff will usually tell you which direction is right, but the robot is different. They can not only tell you the direction, but also directly lead you to the area where the product is located.

Mobile Ads

If you want to promote special products and discount activities, but also save effort, let a robot do it for you! They are mobile salesmen, they can sing and dance, and their cute appearance is also the killer of attracting customers.

Knowledge explain

With the development and popularization of national science and technology, the Science and Technology Museum, as a new type of exhibition venue, is more and more popular with people, and it has become a place where our robots can provide knowledge explanation functions for everyone. They can guide you and introduce the learning content of different attractions.