Smart store upgrade: Reconnecting with consumers through artificial intelligence

With the rapid development of Internet and communication technology in China,New technologies and new means have brought changes again and again to people's lives and work. People's clothing, food, housing and transportation are increasingly connected to the Internet and artificial intelligence.  All industries have become the forefront of scientific and technological achievements,Smart upgrades are also underway,Through artificial intelligence technology,Relearning the consumer,Build an intelligent communication system,Build new relationships with consumers.

Robot Cupid can serve as consulting assistant, navigation assistant, welcome work, advertising and other positions,Provide quality service to consumers. Advanced artificial intelligence technology can replace part of manpower and save manpower costs for stores.

Core function

Robots are enhancing the consumer experience through functions such as voice interaction、product reception、entertainment services,making the store gradually strengthen its own brand characteristics. Let every customer improve their consumption experience while enjoying the fun of technology products.

1, Welcome reception

Greet the passing pedestrians enthusiastically, attract people to stop, actively inquire about their needs, and meet the needs of interactive services through multi-modal interaction.

2, Product description

Intelligent robots with professional product knowledge can convey accurate product information to customers without error. The friendly image can attract customers to stop and inquire about the product, and promote the product in the process of interaction.

3, Advertising promotion

Robots can combine voice, images, videos, expressions and actions to attract customers to actively pay attention to promotions, promote High achievement transformation.

4, Navigation guidance

After accepting the voice command, it will lead the customer to the destination autonomously, avoid pedestrians and obstacles on the way, and realize fast and intelligent navigation.

Common Service Scenarios

Interactive entertainment

When customers are waiting in line or bored, they can play games with the robot to increase interactive experience and avoid customer loss caused by long waiting time.

Questionnaire survey

The special identity of the robot allows customers to truly feedback the experience results in a relaxed state, providing more effective support data for later product and service improvement.

Long-range cruise shop

Through the PC remote control robot all-round real-time monitoring, to master the store situation, voice work instructions, remote guidance.

Store attendance

When employees stand in front of the robot at work and go to work, they can quickly brush their faces to check their attendance, intelligently record their attendance status and save the records, with high accuracy and good security. It is convenient and efficient for store managers to remotely manage and understand employees' attendance.