Sister Alice Serves The People In Guizhou Orthopaedic Hospital

Guizhou Orthopaedic Hospital, formerly known as the Eighth Staff Hospital of the General Rear of the People's Liberation Army, was founded in 1969. It is located at No. 25, Shachong South Road, Nanming District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. It is a comprehensive tertiary first-class hospital.

It is true that the hospital case is the industry where the reception robot serves the most. On the first day of the new year, the engineer of the CSJBOT robot went to the Guizhou Provincial Orthopaedic Hospital to install and debug 2 Alice robot sister flowers. The area of the hospital is too large, and one is a bit too busy to handle it, so we simply have one on the left and one on the left-a sister robot flower group.

Alice has a choice of 21.5-inch and 13.3-inch high-definition touch screens, which can display mobile advertisements, video playback, navigation, information query, and etc. When welcoming guests, it can automatically sense the people in different directions, broadcast welcome words, and customize voice dialogues. It also has a massive knowledge base, answers various business consulting questions to customers, and can continuously learn and optimize intelligently. For the hospital scene, it is very necessary to save a lot of tedious labor.

Question Consultation

Customer: Alice, where is the inspection department?

Alice: Hello, the inspection department is next to the elevator on the 2nd floor, opposite the toll window on the 2nd floor.

Lead The Way

Customer: Please take me to the Chinese pharmacy.

Alice: OK, I'm navigating to the Chinese pharmcy for you, please com with me~

Alice is not only loved by the hospital scene, but also the choice of more than 4,000 corporate institutions such as various procuratorates, judiciary, education, public security, and courts.