Drainage + Food Delivery
Wenda Robot into Lishui Roman Impression Restaurant

Speaking of Csjbot family, I believe the most worthy of mention must be the most capable robot Wenda.  Not only "beautiful" but also "material"!

Recently, Wenda Robot into Lishui Roman Impression Restaurant provide food delivery service.

This is Roman Impression Restaurant,give you a romantic feeling.Walking into the restaurant, a slender robot wearing a black bow tie shuttles around the restaurant,Loaded with various desserts to attract customers.

The Wenda robot is about 130cm tall with its own tray.There are 4 floors of storage space on it.This is also the reason why Wenda has "materials",such a large space can carry a weight of 30KG, and one meal delivery can reach 2-3 waiters.

In addition to delivering meals, the strength of Wenda robot in drainage should not be underestimated.The situation of peak waiting time appears frequently, and the competitiveness of the catering industry has become a normal.Wenda Robot can not only deliver food but also play advertisements,a veritable mobile "advertising machine"! When customers are waiting for a table, the food treasure robot can deliver snacks to customers, instead of waiting for customers to pick them up.

This lovely robot always smile at you with big eyes. The robot can also say:“ I am going to delivery dish”,“ Excuse me, you are on my way”, “ Dear customer, your order is here”. It also advertises itself on the way. If you're worried that her big body will bumped into you, no worries, it comes with laser navigation and obstacle avoidance functions. How can the robot keep the energy so capable? Just give it a charging pile and it will charge it herself.
What a great help! 

With the upgrade of demand and the progress of technology, the application scope of robots is expanding day by day.Csjbot will keep up with the pace of the intelligent era.Deeply cultivate artificial intelligence and attract fans blue ocean field.Create service robot quality with ingenuity.