Amy Food Delivery Assists The Release Of Cultural And Creative Products Of "Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute"

China Aviation Radio Electronics Research Institute (referred to as "Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute") affiliated to China Aviation Industry Corporation, is located in Shanghai Caohejing High-tech Development Zone. As a high-tech enterprise recognized by the National Institute of High Technology and Shanghai, it is mainly engaged in research in three major fields and the development and production of related products: Avionics system overall and comprehensive, Avionics core processing and comprehensive application technology, Aviation radio communication and navigation technology.

Amy food delivery helps cultural and creative product launch

On December 18th, 2021, the Institute of Aeronautical Radio Electronics held a cultural and creative product launch conference. The CSJBOT Amy food delivery robot arrived at the site one day in advance and the installation and after-sales personnel arrived later. They completed the installation within an hour, performed on-site map scanning, and also Live rehearsal with Amy. Amy's performance was very good, once enough ~ as expected of an old actor.

On Amy's chest, there is also a customizable high-definition touch screen, which plays a promotional video about the theme of this conference. Amy's double-layer tray can hold items weighing about 5 kg, whether it is documents, snacks or mineral water, it's all ok. Don't underestimate Amy, it is a robot with ultrasonic obstacle avoidance sensors, lidar, high-balance chassis and SLAM precise navigation technology. It can be said to be the NO.1 in the field of food delivery robots~

Photographer finds focus

Kachakacha~Amy was surrounded by onlookers as soon as she arrived at the scene, especially the photographer at the scene, who kept helping Amy pose and took a few close-ups. In addition to being a robot, she is also very good at being a model.

Finally, on behalf of the CSJBOT robot, Amy congratulated the China Institute of Aeronautical Radio Electronics on the successful launch of cultural and creative products(^-^)V