Robots settled in "unmanned smart power supply business hall"

Enter the power supply business hall.

As soon as you enter the door, the intelligent robot Amy will consult and guide

Through the screen touch selection, the intelligent robot guides people to go to the self-service terminal to handle the business, making people feel the convenient service and novel experience...

Taiyuan Qinxian Power Supply Business Office is the implementation of the strategic goal of State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company to vigorously promote the construction of an internationally leading energy Internet enterprise with Chinese characteristics, in order to better serve power customers, optimize the power business environment, and innovative construction. The first unmanned smart business hall that integrates various functions such as electricity business, providing interactive experience, popularizing electricity knowledge, publicizing company strategy, and displaying brand image.

Electricity handle and experience

The organic combination of energization

If you encounter any difficulties in the self-service process, the intelligent robot will notify the service personnel to help or act as an agent, reflecting the humanized power supply service. The intelligent guidance desk will also guide the robot to the corresponding functional area according to the customer's voice or touch selection, and self-service standard services such as payment, inquiry, and invoicing.

"When the three words 'pay the electricity bill' are spoken, the robot immediately leads people to the intelligent terminal machine." When encountering obstacles, the robot can easily avoid it. Then click on the main interface, which has four major sections: business processing, scanning code payment, receipt printing and information query. The content of each item is very comprehensive, and every business you can think of can be operated on this terminal machine.

In addition, the AI technology of the business hall can also timely collect the length of stay of customers in various areas of the business hall, push it to the service staff's work pad and smart watch, follow up the special needs of customers in a timely manner, and actively provide customers with more convenient and considerate services. Serve.

Mr. Wang, a citizen, sighed after the experience: "I thought it was a cold machine, but I didn't expect the service to be faster and more considerate." At present, various self-service equipment undertakes more than 85% of the business processing, which greatly improves the service efficiency.