Faced with the increase in labor costs, what do you choose?

Artificial intelligence is now the hottest topic in the world,humanoid service robot becomes the most popular robot.Why do robots become the current celebrities?

As the aging social structure changes,there are more and more old people, and young people are not willing to do hard work,fewer and fewer employees.Faced with the increase in labor costs,more and more businesses are looking for robots to replace employees.

Waiter robot-Amy can be used in restaurant,coffee bar,hotel as Waitress.It can replace humanoid to do hard and boring work.Let waitress save a lot of time to serve customers better.

Greeting and Reception robot-Alice can be used in public area,bank,show room,Science and technology museum.

As the picture show that our India distributor because of this two kinds robots was invited to attend an important meeting in India and appeared on the India TV news.The robots has entered people's lives unconsciously.They will used all the robots in the national museum,show all the robots to India and other visitors.