Recently, Our company robot has an opportunity to apply for restaurant waiter in a hot sot restaurant.  The hot pot shop owner said: because of warm reception by customers, our robots almost broken, and business booming. Opened only a few days, the boss feels tired but happiness, he said: "I thought the robot will bring a lot of change in my restaurant, but I never image such a big change. There are two respects beyond my expectation. "

Robots with so much better quality
Since this is the first robot restaurant in Chongqing city, so there are too many people curious to take photo with robots, at least 100 people take photos everyday.but it never affect its work.
Robot waiter is so welcomed by the children. Children like to posh the robot when they walking the way to service. It may easily to burn out the motor of the robot. So these days the boss take care to the robot, persuade guests: "back to your seat, your food will be delivered to your seat."

The restaurant is so hot that limited supply.

Once we have the robot, the restaurant business is particularly popular these days, the daily turnover up to 30,000 yuan. At the weekend we have to call five or six friends to help, in the meal time, we supply of 50-60 tables at most.

Robots can serve table, talk, many customers surprised by it. But customers are looking forward the more humanized intelligent service.
Language Dining intelligent service robot can be set, will consider the inclusion of some language occasionally replace Meng Meng Da, more freshness to the diners, in addition to the robot now only a fixed line to walk, not flexible enough, the company will launch in the next year trackless running robot, robot and catering services to make more humane change.
The language of robots can be set and changed as request which make customers feel fresh. In addition, the robots only walk at fixed line, not flexible enough. Our company will launch the trackless robot in the near future and change the robot more hunmanized.
Have you ever worrying about the lack of waiters? Have you ever worrying about thelabor costs rising year by year? Have you ever offend customers because of poor attitude by waiters? Have you ever think about your restaurant become the highlight in your area? Do you have the problem with staff management? Now you can try to use the food delivery robots which may happen something out of your mind.