1. The results of robot cureing trigeminal neuralgia published
2. HIT Robot Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with KUKA Roboter
3."new domestics" Exploring Road MIJIA meters eco-chain and IH rice cooker release
4. Jingdong IOUs independence, officially open the domain name baitiao.com
5. Hua mi: Amazfit bracelet joint designed by Mr.Gao Yuanyuan available for sale

6. Ali shares Miles cloud making up "hospital cloud" remote imaging area

[In 2021 drones and robots sensor will reach $ 709 million in the market] Market research YoleDeveloppement said, drones and robots dedicated sensor market develop at 12.4% compound annual rate growth, the market reached $ 709 million in five years.
[Microsoft AI chat robot Tay quietly back on line] less than 24 hours it was an emergency shut down of the robot Tay again on the line, its performance surprising again. The first tweet content Tay re-released on the line turned out to be, "I am smoking in front of the police."
[The ONE publish intelligent classical piano 23,800 yuan for sale] It supports Bluetooth connectivity Garage Band, It realizes the sequencer MIDI output from entry to the sequencer; also connected iPhone, with teaching APP system; the infrared non-contact sensor on the keyboard allowing users to play with.
On April 25, 2016, in Kunshan City High-tech Zone Industrial Park, the second robot catering service robots national exchange investment was held. More than 150 enterprises boss from different industries, kitchen, catering, engineering machinery, household appliances, furniture, etc.attended. Professor Wang Yukun who is the old former vice president of Huawei mentioned several times during the meeting that the entrepreneurship of screaming products is treasure of the world.
-Investment Trends-
[Forecast: In 2020 top five venture] Diomedes Kastanis who battles in Silicon Valley predicted the current popular trend and to five conjecture about how to affect the lives in 2020: 1 "ownership" change: shared economic times arrival. 2. The "power of ideas": control everything with the idea. I believe that these intelligent computer interface will be universal in the future. You do not need to say, "Hey, Siri", instead of that, you just want to think, "Hey, Siri." 3 interconnected things: play more than O2O. 4. Global Localization: Globalization is at front. Within five years from now, if companies want to survive they have to create awareness of glocalization. 5. Virtual means Reality: VR glasses? Soon out of.
-Words of love-
 Mr.Luo Yonghao: in 2012, "listen to the inner voice," do what you want to do, opened a technology company. The next three and a half, he exhausted, suffered a massive criticism, sarcasm and slander, but all these can not compare with the endless happy,incredible sense of achievement,warm support and encouragement I get. If there is no accident, all my later life, except the family, all is this company. He can be engaged in what he desire every day, and which is good for the people and at the meantime take good care of their families, not be happier than this.
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