It is estimated that service robots will surpass industrial robots in 2017 by production output value reach 50 to 70 billion by their vast application in bank, restaurant, hotel, airport, administrative service center, retailing stores, supermarket, kindergarten, etc, working as receptionist, sales guide, commentator and enquiry work.  Robots in the future are as commonly used as what people are using ordinary computer, mobile, home appliances and step into all varieties of industries and thousands of households.

Suzhou Pangolin Robot Corp., Ltd (stock code:871049), established in 2006, is one of the earlier enterprises participating in development and application on global artificial intelligence of commercial service robots, one national high-tech enterprise in possess of over 27 patents such as CN2015203803280, CN201630081584.X, etc. There have been multiple operation centers set up across Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi’an, Hefei, three major R&D centers in Suzhou, Nanjing, Tokyo occupied with robots and AI study to be able to facilitate commercial service robots to over 200 domestic cities.

Since long history ago, it is universally recognized that core technology and lean spare parts have been grasped by the developed countries like Japan, North America and European Union, while China only has been merely playing a robotic importer role hereof. But now, Pangolin Robot has initiated China its advanced commercial service robots after decades of perseverance, set an export precedent to so multiple developed and developing countries and areas as Japan, Korea, Canada, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Romania, Malaysia, Russia, India, and etc. By now, market share has been far ahead at a comparably advantageous product sales figure to considerable countries and areas.

Long adhere to the philosophy of technology innovation, patriotic entrepreneurship reward to motherland, Pangolin Robot is one of the few robotic manufacturers that are fully equipped with well established production system from manufacturing, assembly, inspection to test, which enables Pangolin Robot become a typically eminent example worldwide as to Robots Made by Robots with two lines of advanced complete automation production facility, as a result of which makes commitment to service robots made in China reach to world class excellence.

Thanks to the incoming intelligent business age of New Retailing and Unmanned Supermarket that is contributing to customer service robots’ rapid development. At this stage, robots are about to be the next entry port to big data.

The time when Jack Ma, Alibaba Group’s CEO initially put forward his unparalleled concept of New Retailing in the 2016 Computing Conference, it has been a remarkable moment that announces the end of e-commerce age. New retailing mode is playing an important role heading us towards to future, by viewing of so many growing examples as unmanned supermarket’s commence operation, Fresh Hema (a forerunner for new retailing) and so forth that are collectively named get full channeled marketing through online to offline data, taking an advantage of AI, robot, sensors related technology to get consumer’s information, behavior trace, customer tag during the process of offline shopping experience, drawing client’s full viewed portrait at 360 degree and eventually come to format data integration both online and offline.

It is doomed that data shall become the core competence in the future business. On the basis of this growing trend, Pangolin Robot proposed RaaS(Robot as a Service), which is to say by the philosophy of customer service marketing platform PaaS+ AI(Artificial Intelligence) +Robot + Service, there would be full channeled marketing customer service provided purchasing guide to promote, take reception, enquiry and introduction, advertising, precision marketing, data report and CRM(Customer Relationship Management), which add up consumers experience level of satisfaction, improve operation efficiency, as well as save labor and management cost a lot.

So far, Pangolin Robot has concluded strategic cooperation agreements with multitudinous renowned commercial brands, for instance, Chiow Black Duck (Chinese literally meaning, a famous brand running the biggest brine duck retail chains), Country Garden Holdings Jiangsu Corp., Ltd.

RT (Robot Technology), being the birth of new species, will dramatically bring us a more beautiful life experience

Jack Ma once pointed it that our time shall be transferring from IT (Information Time) to DT(Digital Time), which Mr Song Yugang, the founder and CEO of Pangolin Robot insists that we shall be moving towards a new RT(Robotic Time) world since the time before history humans were working hard like machines render them the slaves and robots alike, alone no time left to our life, health and family reunion. Now in the Robotic Time, everything shall be reversed that robots would become human with intelligence, simple unhealthy and repetitive work shall be replaced by robot helper. Meanwhile, human are more focusing on creative work, under which circumstances more time could be spent on life and learning, accompanying our family and in the world live a wonderful life on our own!