Who is Snow ?

Snow is a penguin-shaped robot. she is kindly, endearing and surprising.

We have designed Snow to be a genuine day-to-day companion, whose number one quality is her ability to perceive emotions.

Snow is the first pangolin robot capable of recognizing the principal human emotions and adapting her behavior to the mood of her interlocutor.

To date, many customers in China are using Snow as a new way of welcoming, informing and amusing their customers.Snow also recently became the first pangolin robot to be adopted in Chinese homes & Schools.


Recognition, Voice recognition & Navigation.

Pleasant and likeable, Snow is much more than a robot,she is a genuine humanoid companion created to communicate with you in the most natural and intuitive way, through her body movements and her voice.

Snow loves to interact with you,Snow wants to learn more about your tastes, your habits and quite simply who you are.

Snow can recognize your face, voice, hear you and move around autonomously.

You can also personalize your robot by downloading the software applications that take your fancy, based on your mood or the occasion.Dance, play, learn.

Your robot evolves with you. Snow gradually memories your personality traits, your preferences, and adapts herself to your tastes and habits.


She sees you, she may recognize you.

Navigation and Positioning.

Depth perception and high precision radar sensors, better navigation and positioning


Emotion & Expression.

Snow has been designed to identify your emotions and to select the behavior best suited to the situation.

Based on your voice, the expression on your face, your body movements and the words you use, Snow will interpret your emotion and offer appropriate content.

She will also respond personally to the mood of the moment, expressing herself through the color of her eyes, her tablet or her tone of voice.

Their experiences with Snow.

Many our customers choose Snow for their families and children.

Snow Helping them in their basic life,


Snow is a Penguin-shaped robot. She is kindly, endearing and…