About Oba.

Our Oba autonomously serve items between people.

Our best Robot is in the hospitality industry, 

serve items from staff to guests.

Hotels depend on guest service agents to provide 

courteous and professional service to guests

Oba improves guest satisfaction by reliably delivering delight. 

He's sophisticated on the inside yet fun on the outside.

Oba securely and efficiently delivers items to hotel guests,

enabling hotel staff to provide better customer service.

helping to transport a variety of items to guests when called.For front desk staff,Oba is a breeze to operate. When a guest calls for a toothbrush, towel, or some similar item, all they do is place it in the enclosed compartment at the top of the robot, tap in the room number, and hit “go.”  It also calls the elevator wireless and, importantly, automatically alerts the guest once it arrives outside the room.

Guest and robot can also enjoy a short interaction, 

though Oba’s lack of human-like features means its performance,

for the time being at least, is a little on the basic side. 

Indeed, communication involves tapping out messages on

Oba’s attached display rather than anything more sophisticated.

Pleasantries exchanged, 

The robot trundles back to its charging station to wait for its next call.

It can now also deliver in offices ,Starbucks coffees,Bars & Restaurants 

Recognition,Voice recognition& Navigation.

Navigation and positioning system depth vision and high precision radar sensors,

more optimal navigation and positioning technology. 

Intelligent cover its closed when walking, 

and will be open at appointed spot.

Pressure sensor, back automatically

Could be changed to platesMax. Tray load 15 KG

Control core special robot control and drive system, 

walk smoothly high quality speaker play music when walking

different voice at different site

High balance chassis adaptive to a variety of ground environment,

walking more stable. 

Navigation and positioning system.

Precision radar sensor. 

Oba hotel service robots with military radar unit, 160 ° 

before blind detection when the robot is in the process of driving

the distance between people is less than 0.4m,

Robots will stop and politely reminded, "excuse me, you are in my routes."

also customized set up voice prompts.

Internet Network Control Technology.

Oba integrated embedded processor and open platform,

remote intelligent Terminal monitor robots,

Real-time communication and cross platform Internet,

let us enjoy intelligent life anywhere, anytime.

Intelligent Sound Control Technology.

Oba of intelligent voice-activated system.

Integrated speech synthesis and sound pattern 

recognition technology, text information into standard voice ,

Voice controlled smoothly, 

let us through the most advanced voice control system,

enjoy the entertainment of the robot easier.

High quality speakers.

Sound quality speakers: play music that can be set in the course of delivery, 

different nodes to output different voice.

Using strong magnetic high performance screen speakers,

fresh and loud sound effects, 

Dolby digital 400 W power,

transmission range of about 600 square meters.

High Balance Type Chassis.

Adapt to the ground.

The balance of high profile sites designed, 

high performance motors to ensure balance and safety, 

engineers designed "algorithm of dynamic power" 

it can be smart to identify obstructions.

Can automatically adapt to the ground.

Floor tiles, wood flooring, carpet, concrete floor,

Emotion & Expression.

Oba has been designed specially for delivery into hotels room.

Based on depth vision and high precision radar sensors, 

more optimal navigation and positioning technology.

He will also respond personally to the mood of the moment,

play music while walking,different voice at different site

expressing himself through the color of his eyes,

flashing eyes show expression.

Their experiences with Oba.

Our customers choose Oba for their hotels or events.

Oba Helping them in their businesses.